TNF is a registered trademark and its acronyms arise from the first letters of the words Natural Fluid Treatment, from the Spanish: Tratamiento Natural de Fluidos, , since all the treatments carried out are without chemical products.


Since we started in 2005, we have carried out chemical-free water treatments in homes, industries and agriculture.


TNF performs treatments in all types of water as well as in liquid effluents.


By not using chemicals, water treatments are cheaper, safer and 100% automatable.


Fields where treatments under protocols have been applied:

  • Irrigation in organic gardens
  • Irrigation in hydroponic gardens starting from river water
  • Water for cows to drink improving their milk production
  • Water for drinking goats improving their milk production
  • Bull drinking water improving semen quality
  • Drinking water for pigs, making them gain weight in less time
  • Chicken drinking water making eggs with stronger shells
  • Water for human consumption starting from river water
  • Water for human consumption from well water contaminated with arsenic
  • Effluent from cardboard box printing plant
  • Effluent from car wash
  • Effluent from bottle washing